A Mom Who Loves To Travel

Journey to the soul

Does this look beautiful to you? Of course, it does. But imagine you are a married woman and a mother, and now suddenly you are allowed to travel only with your husband or family. Sounds weird, I know but it’s the truth. Directly or indirectly, on every trip I went on, I have been asked this. So, who is taking care of your daughter? I am tempted to say, ‘my neighbors’, so many times. But that would hurt the sentiments of genuine, curious people I guess.

My husband travels a lot because of his office work both within and outside India. He has never been asked this question. Because everyone assumes it’s the wife back at home. So when I go to travel leaving my daughter behind, I am obviously leaving her with people I trust. Even some of friends will say, why don’t you go travel with your family?…

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